“Well, I always know what I want. And when you know what you want--you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don't know. I've forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn't matter, so long as you move"


Do you want to use the time and energy of your physical practice to learn new skills?
I think it's much more enjoyable and benificial to health and wellbeing that so many people in the world are Missing out on.

Animal walks, movement, calisthenics, cross-fit, handstands and acrobatic skills are ones that I have a particular passion for.
They seem to defy gravity, but are actually a lot more accessible than they may look at first glance. To be honest I think everyone can benefit from at least some variation of these skills. my main goal is to improve mobility, strengthen and stabalise joints and tendons, get you to move through all planes of motion all whilst creating as much metabolic adaptation in as short a time as possible. 

Today we finds ourselves with much less time than when were children, Which is why i believe that we should be able to maximise our fitness in as short a time as possible depending on your goals. thats to say your never going to become the next Matt Fraser by hitting a class 3 times a week but if your goal is to have more energy and flexibility to play with your kids for an hour than why would you spend 90 minutes slaving away on the treadmill?

So what's the issue? 
Well first off, we are our own worst enemy. Movement itself contains physical, technical, and psychological elements that need to be addressed. long past childhood to keep us supple mobile and happy In order to learn the skill, we need to follow a process.
The second issue is that most people either have followed the crowd and ended up slightly better than when they started or have stagnated and have tried every other approach with little to no effect.

It's hard to find a good teacher because many out there fall under one of these categories:
-Not enough practical experience in the skill to pull from.
-High level athlete or practitioner but not enough practical teaching experience to communicate the process effectively.
-Overly hyped marketing to make up for lack of depth of content.

Why do I bring this up?
Because I remember spending the first year of my Movement practice failing. it wasnt until i took action and delved into becoming a personal trainer and gaining my sports and exercise nutrition qualification from precision nutrition, this coupled with my years of coaching dancers. it finally clicked 

The benefit of going through this process is that it made me a much better teacher. I know the mistakes, and I know the struggle of learning this as an adult. Over the years I have worked with countless people of varying backgrounds, ability levels, and ages. I love to share my perspective in the hopes that people can avoid making the same mistakes I did, and enjoy developing their own learning process.
I think a lot about not only the skills but also how to communicate them in a way that increases peoples’ understanding of them to help broaden their perspective.
I also do my best to approach the training in a holistic way; for me it’s more about using the skills to develop an increased self-awareness. health is wealth.

So this brings us to my workshops. I’m not going to make any BS promises that you will master your Movement or change your life after a couple days of working with me. I’m not going to charge ridiculous fees to certify you in my top secret methods. My hope is that you can learn something new from my sharing of my perspective and experiences.
I keep my group sizes small to ensure that everyone can get some kind of personal feedback if they wish. On top of that, the workshops are not previously rehearsed, so each one is a bit different and the content is adapted to the level and desires of the group.

I love working with beginners! As a beginner you can learn how to approach the process and avoid potential mistakes to save yourself from a lot of frustration.

I also work with instructors and people with prior experiance.

Instructors can learn new tools to better help their students.
Fitness enthusiasts can challenge themselves in new ways.
Athletes can learn different ways to cross-train for their sport.
Maybe you’re just looking for an interesting thing to do on a whim; I got you covered for that too.

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I now offer goal oriented online coaching.DM me if yo.u are interested. I have limited spots available and they will go on a first come first serve basis



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Physical outlaws has not just helped me gain real focus and improve, strength, speed and body shape aesthetic;  but they have increased my understanding of the relationship between nutrition, energy systems and target specific training. Thus, optimising and streamlining my training  so it is at the most effective level for the minimum amount of time. 

— Matt Jones structural engineer
“Tom has a keen eye and great understanding of many different training styles and philosophies, for the longest time i have followed the routine gym program, legs bums and tums.. it wasnt until i started working with Tom that my understanding of accelerated training really took place. i feel fitter, move better and eat more than i ever have!  ”

— Sabil Rielly
“Nothing drives your point home like a glowing testimonial from someone who is passionate about your brand.”

— Customer Review


We spend alot of time these days sedentary, infact modern life itself has had a dramatic impact on how much time we move around.

When it comes to training It's just knowing the correct stimulus and how to efficiently create movement patterns that mimic the movements of our Ancestors

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